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Alright, now, we’re going to discuss the one, quite possibly most important element to ranking well in Google – the # of incoming links. Google has been giving more and more importance to what they call their “PR” – short for Page Rank. The PR is based on a scale of 1-10 and the higher it is, the more incoming links you have.
The PR is determined by the number of INCOMING and OUTGOING links you have. You should have the maximum number of incoming links.
See, Google’s theory is that by having a site link to you, that website is basically “voting” for you – that site is telling Google:
“Hey, I like that website, it has good content, I feel comfortable sending MY visitors there, so should you…”
The more sites that tell Google that, the more willing Google is to send its’ traffic. So, bottom line, recruit incoming links.
NOTE: A linking strategy is VERY important if you want any chance at making it to the Top 10 page on Google and then staying there.

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