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Web Design

Web Design is the process of designing web pages , web sites , web or multimedia applications for the Web . Utilizing a variety of disciplines , such as animation , authoring , communication design , corporate identity , graphic design , human-computer interaction , information architecture , interaction design , marketing , photography , search engine optimization and typography . There are several principles that should be considered in making Web Design , including the following ;

-Metaphore is an application of the principle – the principle of time for use on a new principle .
-Clarity is a principle which should have the goal of making web / clarity to what the web is made .
-Consistency is in making the web , the web designer should be consistent with the theme .
– Alignment is about tidiness posts made on an article . This principle has an important role because it affects the reading of an article .
-Proximity is the completeness of a field .
– Contrast is the principle whereby the reader comfortable in viewing a website

Those are some things about the design.

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